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So today while voting, I realized that I really wish I had a blog.  Then I realized I did have one, but I stopped updating it.  So I’m rezzing this bitch.

So yeah, not much to say right now, except OBAMA 08.  I mean, seriously, even if you don’t care, vote for the free shit.  Seriously, you can get free ice cream, free donuts, even free coffee.

Forget about the future of the country - Heres MY reason for voting.

Forget about the future of the country - Here's MY reason for voting.

But seriously, folks.  Vote if you at all can.  This is perhaps the most important election in the last 50 years, and if even one vote isn’t counted, it could change the results drastically.  It is not only our right as Americans, but our duty as humans, to vote to the best of our knowledge for whoever we see as the better candidate.  I may be convincing people right now to vote for McCain, and I don’t care–I’d rather see McCain win than see another election where the youth of America get labelled “apathetic”.

Anyways, I’ve got a couple ideas for articles that I’m going to work on.  I’ll try to get one up later this week.