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Okay, I think most of us have, for better or for worse, resigned ourselves to the idea that the bailout will pass.  I may be a liberal hippy, but I know a bad plan when I see it, and this bailout…Well, let’s just say it doesn’t please me to see  my tax dollars going into the pockets of such disgusting pricks.  At least President Obama’s trying to tack some regulations onto the money our government is trying to send to these fat cats.

Anyways, before I get into another rant about how much I loathe the bailout plan (Did I mention I don’t care much for it?  Because I don’t), let me reroute my digression and ask America a question: How do we prevent this from happening again?

The bailout is, at best, a quick fix.  It’s simply the idea of slapping some ultra-expensive duct tape on the shabby, broken shack that is the current economy.  That’ll make it last longer, but one little storm, and that crappy little shed is toast.  Hell, forget storms, I could knock it over by blowing hard enough at it.  We need to decide how we’re going to rebuild that house.  What foundations would keep it sturdy through all the hardships ahead?

Well, first of all, we need to re-regulate the financial industry.  The Glass-Steagall act, which was partially repealled in 1999 by three Republicans named Gramm, Leach, and Bliley, needs to come back in full.  (For those of you out there asking what the fuck Glass-Steagall is, the almighty wiki knows the answer.)  I know you conservatives like playing without rules, but I think we’ve seen now that America can’t handle things without some level of regulation.  And the provision in the Glass-Steagall act about bank holding companies owning other financial institutions?  Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but seeing all these ridiculous buyouts and renamings and bullshit makes me sick.  They’re turning into the fucking phone companies, for Dog’s sake.  So get the Bank regulations back up and running.  I don’t care how afraid of socialism you are.

However, it’s not just the Banks who are to blame for our current economic crisis.  Other industries have proven to be run by people who probably have the collective I.Q. of a brain-damaged gerbil.  I’m looking at you, Big Three.  We all know the only reason any car companies got any money is because you’re so big, falling apart would be catastrophic to Americans.  At least some of the banks’ blame can be put on the stupid people who decided to buy a million things that they couldn’t afford.  But those same stupid people were at least smart enough not to buy fucking Hummers.  Seriously, whose idea was it to market gas-guzzlers as the gas prices were rising?  And now, it’s been revealed that GM and Chrysler are planning to keep suing the people in states who want to raise standards for vehicles.  Seriously, I think someone should call Hulu and tell them somebody more evil is taking over.

So what to do about the car companies?  Raise the national mileage standard to meet those from other countries.  Force the assholes into making some decent cars for once.  Obviously, they might go under if they refuse to change with the times, and I’m more than sure they’ll sue plenty of people on their way down the toilet.  So we can wait a few years for this one, until the economy is at least slightly less fragile.  Then, while you’re raising that standard, put in place some kind of national incentive for alternative-fuel car research.  If we can find a way to make electrical cars more efficient and not so much a novelty, it’ll end our dependence on foreign–And domestic–Oils.  And drilling for oil will be a thing of the past.  Of course, that’s a bit of a gamble, and I don’t expect people want to see their taxes raised so quickly after the bailout.  But it will be better in the long run, I’m sure.

The last thing we need to do to prevent another economic collapse is to start actually enforcing the monopoly laws.  Break up the banks, and the Big Three, and any other enormous corporations.  No corporation should be so big that it can bring an entire nation to its knees like this.  In fact, because of a few corporate fucknuts who couldn’t run a business, the whole WORLD is suffering.  Break them up,  and keep an eye on them this time, dammit.

So those are my ideas.  I’m sure other people out there can see flaws in my plans that I can’t.  I’m not exactly a polisci major here, so I apologize if I’m a complete moron.  But if you’ve got something to say, just comment or throw me a mail at