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You know what phrase I’m getting sick of hearing?  “Google It.”  This, if used properly, is a perfectly normal phrase that causes no issues.  But, in the wrong hands, it can be more rude than punching a guy in the face.

Normally, it’s just a good way of pointing people in the right direction of how to solve a problem.   Don’t know what a word means?  Google it.  See, that’s fine usage right there, since if you actually google ‘Define X’ you’ll get a  nice, clear answer easily.

The problem is that  people are now using it as a ‘I really don’t want to deal with you right now.  Fuck off.’   This, my  friends, is soiling the good name of google, and deteriorating society at an exponential rate.   For example: ‘How do I get rid of dust easily using photoshop?’  ‘Google it.’   That would send the asker on hours of searching through results which tend to be Yahoo Answer threads where the answer is, ironically, to ‘google it.’

This comes in other, more despicable forms as well.  The latest and rudest of which would be ‘’.  See, this is assuming that anyone who asks another person a question is apparently unaware of the existence of google.  It’s supposed to be witty and clever, but it still overestimates google’s ability to help you, and also needlessly insults the intelligence of the asker.

The thing here is that these people think they’re being constructive  when they say these things, but they’re actually being destructive.  Realize, if someone’s asking a question, it’s usually because they honestly  don’t  know what’s going on.   Let’s  take that previous example of removing dust in photoshop…If the person actually knew that what he was looking for was called a “dust and scratches filter”, googling it would probably be exactly what they need.  But, let’s use our brains for a moment: If  they don’t even know one of the most useful tools in photoshop, odds are, they’re not very familiar with photoshop at all.  Which means they probably don’t even know what the hell a ‘filter’ is.  So searching for “photoshop dust removal” would probably be their next course of action, which would lead them to tutorials which are lengthy and out-of-date, and they’ll probably spend the next hour trying to figure  out shit.

Now, let’s say if, instead of saying ‘google it’, we reply with ‘Filter > Noise > Dust & Scratches.  Then use clone stamp to detail.  That’s the little button over on the left that looks like a stamp.  Hold alt and click with the tool to get it to work.’  Yes, it takes a little more effort on our part, but we’ve managed to make this person’s day loads easier, and managed to not come across as a massive prick.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…If  they’re that stupid, they probably would be too stupid to use the answer I gave, and probably need a tutorial.  Well, see, that’s an unreasonable assumption.  Intelligence isn’t black and white.  There aren’t smart and stupid people.  This person may  not know anything about photoshop, but they may still be a genius in other things, such as the english language.  To assume they can’t understand you easily  simply because they don’t understand a program that, believe it or not, not  everyone has had since the beginning of time, is RUDE.

My point here is simply that, yes, google is an incredible tool, but human interaction is a far better tool.  So stop being a dick and just show some goddamned kindness once in a while.  That’s all I ask.

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